About Chantal Daniels

This is me, Chantal Daniels. I come from a large family with 5 brothers and 1 sister. I met and married my husband at University and we now have a large, beautiful family of our own.

I have had the privilege to be a mother to many more people than just our children. This is something I do with the highest reverence. I have always been a Momma, and it is a big part of who I am. I was thought of as a Momma when I worked with all my students as an Education Counsellor at both the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba. I thought of as a Momma when I worked with all my children as a Case Aide and Social Worker.

Since I was young, I also always naturally tried to make things beautiful. I arranged things, made things, and organized things so that spaces would be beautiful and peaceful. This is something I do from the heart and carry with me in all that I do still. My home, the things I create, the parts of my life I share; are all done to bring beauty and peace to others.

Over nine years ago our daughter had to fight for her life; every single day for almost two years. It changed me and it changed my children. All the things I thought were so important in my life were stripped away and all that was left was the love and the relationships. As my daughter’s needs are still high, I no longer work in a regular job, but I would not have it any other way. I now strive to live my life from that place always and to be true to myself and love myself. I try to walk in my own truth and help my children find theirs. And it is this truth of love and connection that I also hope to share with all of you through my content and offerings.